Not much to write about at the moment. My apologies. Still adapting to the mundanity (is that a word?) of life with children. That week away from the monkeys was a whirlwind of productivity, fun, work, writing, and, sadly, only a little reading. But they are back, and they are squabbling, as siblings are wont to do, and one repeatedly turns off the television while the other grunts and sighs and turns it back on. They rose before the sun this morning, perhaps to remind me that sleeping in to 7 o'clock like I did last week is akin to laziness, and laziness cannot be tolerated.

So I stumble through a hazy day, sleepy, tired, yearning to cozy up to our nonexistent fireplace and fall asleep reading a good book. Sadly, with no fireplace in our home, and for any number of more important reasons, I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Thanks everyone for reading. I shall think of something more meaningful tonight or tomorrow or whenever I once again adapt to the long hours of work this job requires. Until then, be sleepy and happy and somewhat sane.


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