It may seem that, at any given time, I have too many projects in motion. I probably do. The list below is not comprehensive, but it represents where I'm contributing the bulk of my time these days.

Streetlamp Media

Streetlamp Media is an aspirational business I started last year. The primary mission is to help new and underrepresented voices be heard. Learn more.

Amulet Studios

Amulet Studios is a company I started recently in partnership with an old friend. Our goal is to build an animation studio using new tools and more efficient workflows than traditional studios. We're kicking things off with absurdly ambitious animated series called Thera. Learn more.


CobraSelect is a stealth business functioning a bit behind the scenes at the moment, so I can't reveal too much. Plus, our name is about to change, and why waste time building SEO for a brand that's about to change?!  :)  Learn (a little) more.


I'm still working on a handful of other projects, including some video work to practice my skills. Look for videos soon on this website as well as my YouTube channel.

And I still have multiple novels in various phases of writing, but I'm saving those for later.