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My Gadgets: Made by Google

technology 12 min read My Gadgets: Made by Google

I’ve long been a fan of Google services. In the beginning, I resisted. I’ve spent a chunk of my career designing interfaces and coding presentation layers, and Google’s early interfaces were boring, often crude, and painfully simplistic. Eventually, they won me over, and it had everything to do with their early cloud game.

More than any other major player, Google understood the advantage of universal access. I could search, check my email, view my calendar, track my history, or update my task list from any machine, anywhere, as long as it had a web browser, or eventually

My First Week with the Moto 360

technology 4 min read My First Week with the Moto 360

In the interest of upping my weekly word count and changing things up a bit, I thought I’d scribble a few thoughts on the technology I use daily (for both work and pleasure). To start things off, let’s talk Moto360 and Android Wear.

I’ve been a Pebble owner for well over a year. I started with the original pebble, upgraded to the pebble steel, then reverted to the original pebble. Sure, the Steel was constructed of better materials and had a nifty black metal band, but it was also blockier and didn’t sit as well on