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A Short Ride with a OneWheel and Skydio 2 Drone

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A couple weeks ago I spent the afternoon OneWheeling with my nephew. We decided to let the drone accompany us.

Let me just say the Skydio 2 is brilliant. DJI drones certainly win for camera quality, but this Skydio drone tracked us better than any camera tracking system I've ever used, and it did so while navigating complex obstacles like trees and cars and houses and street lights. Once or twice, we almost lost it, but that was operator error. I thought I chose a setting I hadn't actually chosen, which caused some erratic drone behavior. Even then, it always

Testing the DJI Mic On a OneWheel

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A couple weeks ago, I picked up the brand new DJI Mic. I own a couple lav mics, but they can be complicated, and they require XLR inputs, and they're never charged when I need them, and they're all just a little more cumbersome than I want them to be, which means I rarely use them. That being said, they record great audio. So the question became: if the DJI Mic is better from an ease-of-use standpoint, how good is the audio quality?

Before I made the purchase, I watched this review and this comparison. both reviews are better (and

A Casual OneWheel TimeWarp

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I continue to experiment with the modes and settings on the GoPro Max. Here's a simple 360 TimeWarp of my casual afternoon OneWheel ride through suburbia. 5x speed with horizon leveling activated. Lots of pixilation. Not sure how to solve that particular problem, but I'll keep working on it.

OneWheelin' with a GoPro Max

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Just a quick video shot on my OneWheel with a GoPro Max. Nothing exciting about February in the Midwest, but I'd been dying to play with the Max AND the OneWheel. Can't pass up the opportunity of a warm winter day.

Used the GoPro app to auto-create the video. The app does a decent job, but the output quality is horrendous. Too much noise and pixilation. The original Max footage looks great. From my online searching, it seems other people have complained about this problem, but I don't know if GoPro plans to improve the output.

That being said, I'm

My First Week with a OneWheel

onewheel 5 min read My First Week with a OneWheel

My first true boarding experience occurred in the Cascade mountains near Seattle more than 20 years ago. I had moved west after college, leaving the flatlands of Illinois for the majestic topography of the Pacific Northwest. I experimented with hiking and mountain biking and enjoyed both. When winter arrived, I strapped a board to my feet and permitted gravity to pull me down a snow-capped peak. Technically, it was more a bunny hill than a peak, but let's not worry too much about details.

Snowboarding introduced me to a new kind of rush. So much fun. So much freedom. It