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Three Environmentally Friendly Companies I've Discovered During Quarantine

environment 4 min read Three Environmentally Friendly Companies I've Discovered During Quarantine

So I wanted to give a quick update about a few environmentally focused companies I've recently discovered.

As we all know, important movements are happening in America and the world, and I understand my voice isn't always the most representative or the most helpful.

I'm doing my best to listen and learn. Reading books on systemic oppression, fascism, inequality. Reading articles on the true scope of racial bias and police brutality. Replaying in my head every conversation I've ever had about Feminism, Racism, opportunity, and equity.

I've had relationships with strong, progressive women over the years. They've helped me better

A Casual OneWheel TimeWarp

onewheel 1 min read

I continue to experiment with the modes and settings on the GoPro Max. Here's a simple 360 TimeWarp of my casual afternoon OneWheel ride through suburbia. 5x speed with horizon leveling activated. Lots of pixilation. Not sure how to solve that particular problem, but I'll keep working on it.

My First Week with a OneWheel

onewheel 5 min read My First Week with a OneWheel

My first true boarding experience occurred in the Cascade mountains near Seattle more than 20 years ago. I had moved west after college, leaving the flatlands of Illinois for the majestic topography of the Pacific Northwest. I experimented with hiking and mountain biking and enjoyed both. When winter arrived, I strapped a board to my feet and permitted gravity to pull me down a snow-capped peak. Technically, it was more a bunny hill than a peak, but let's not worry too much about details.

Snowboarding introduced me to a new kind of rush. So much fun. So much freedom. It


life 3 min read Experimenting

Now that my plan to blog once a week seems to be out the door, I thought it was time to experiment with something new.

Of course, I don't yet know what that something new should be. And I'm not exactly brimming with free time to experiment. I've been contemplating a site rebrand for a while, but I haven't had time to plan it out. This magazine layout style puts too much emphasis on each individual post. I tend to feel, because of the layout, each post needs to be lengthy and insightful, but sometimes I just want to write

The Romance of Rail

travel 2 min read amtrak train

This past weekend I boarded an Amtrak train from Chicago to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mostly I did it to avoid traffic on the way to visit family, but I also planned a pleasant period of uninterrupted reading.

The verdict? I loved it.

Of course, as a fan of all things sepia-toned, I possess a rather dated mental image of long-distance rail travel, at least in a cinematic sense. To my imagination’s horror, there was no billowing smoke stack. No roaring hiss of steam. No elegant ladies clad in dark corsets, cage-crinoline skirts, waist coats, and myriad layers of confusing

The French Press Conundrum

opinion 2 min read french press lid - taken by kevin koperski

I enjoy coffee. I’m no connoisseur, no taste perfectionist, no seeker of the perfect bean, but I enjoy a cup every morning, with just a hint of sweetener. I’ll usually have another cup later in the day or perhaps a mocha or latte in the evening at the bookstore (I’m trying to cut down on the latter for obvious caloric reasons).

My particular quandary as it pertains to coffee, and where I’ve always struggled, is determining how best to make it at home. I’ve tried the traditional drip coffee maker. Blah. I’ve tried Keurig,