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A New Look for New Plans

news 3 min read A New Look for New Plans

As of today, I've got a new look for the website. It's very much a work in progress.

As someone who loves exploring design tools and development platforms, my personal website is often the guinea pig for my experimentation. (Here I'd like to register my apologies to guinea pigs for the reference and mistreatment).

My previous site was built using Webflow, which is a fantastic no-code tool that gives development control to designers. As a former developer, this felt like cheating, and I never had the control I wanted over certain styles and blah blah blah, but it reduces much

Tip-toeing Back into the Development Waters

life 4 min read Tip-toeing Back into the Development Waters

Some time around 2011, I stopped writing code. I was a full stack .NET developer with a preference for front-end work. That meant HTML, CSS, and Javascript at the time, with a bit of AJAX (and awful .NET ajax containers).

Our tiny company had doubled in size. Our core product (a multifamily apartment marketing tool) was taking off. I had taken over design responsibilities, because I was decent at it, and being the primary front-end developer it was easy for me to tweek designs as I built. But one thing lead to another, the team grew, I took on management