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In Which I say Again...

books 2 min read In Which I say Again...

I’m no critic.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I analyze and critique a lot of things, especially for my day job, but I’m certainly not a literary critic. I’ve said this before.

Reading is education and entertainment. I read to learn history, business, science.  I read to experience other people’s stories and situations and struggles. I read to be exposed to new ideas and arguments. I read to learn about craft, about plotting and structure, about words and sentences. I sometimes read because a certain book will look great on my bookshelf. I do not,

The French Press Conundrum

opinion 2 min read french press lid - taken by kevin koperski

I enjoy coffee. I’m no connoisseur, no taste perfectionist, no seeker of the perfect bean, but I enjoy a cup every morning, with just a hint of sweetener. I’ll usually have another cup later in the day or perhaps a mocha or latte in the evening at the bookstore (I’m trying to cut down on the latter for obvious caloric reasons).

My particular quandary as it pertains to coffee, and where I’ve always struggled, is determining how best to make it at home. I’ve tried the traditional drip coffee maker. Blah. I’ve tried Keurig,