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New Arrival: The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe

books 2 min read New Arrival: The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe

The fine folks at Play Attitude have delivered once again. Arriving on my doorstep last week from somewhere in that distant magical land across the oceans, otherwise known as Spain, was quite possibly their most beautiful book to date.

The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe was a Kickstarter campaign they ran back in July 2015.  Before he had any plans of creating the book, artist David G. Forés challenged himself to create a new Poe inspired piece of Instagram art every day for a month. Each day represented a new letter of the alphabet, and for each letter he drew

Forgotten Colors: A Kickstarter Book Win

books 2 min read Forgotten Colors Book Cover

Books. They’re delicious Autumn morsels. Take a Fall day with wind blown leaves skittering along the sidewalk, sit yourself in the warmly-colored interior of a cozy bookstore with cool air outside, hot coffee inside, fiery sunlight shining through tall glass, and get lost in the pages of a fantastical adventure surrounded by a million other tomes waiting to be dusted off and explored. Tell me that isn’t perfect. To misquote a famous movie: “Is this Heaven?” “No, it’s Autumn.”

This year’s season of delightful rainy decay has already delivered on the book front. I don’t