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Amontillado - A Mystery Novel

mycreations 2 min read Amontillado - A Mystery Novel

Kevin Koperski’s Amontillado, the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired murder mystery about a writer, his estranged wife, a book club encounter, and a spiraling descent into darkness, is available digitally and in hardcover from Streetlamp Press.

What people are saying...

"The twists and turns, the macabre were present and oh-so-enjoyable. A really great unique voice and style." - Amazon Review

"If you enjoy Edgar Allan Poe, you should really enjoy this novel. It is dark. The language is lush. And Poe's stories are embedded both as themes and as objects in the story." - Goodreads Review

"Death, betrayal, and lost love

Amontillado: Designing the Book Cover

amontillado 5 min read Amontillado: Designing the Book Cover

This was originally posted at the Amontillado Novel blog, but I’m adding it here for safekeeping.

Let me just say it: I love the Amontillado book cover. For a long while, I didn’t think those words would escape my fingertips. Not for lack of effort. Not for lack of good ideas. I had simply ventured down too many dead ends to think I’d ever arrive at anything I could love. I was wrong.

Let me also say this: it couldn’t have happened without help. While I can doctor up a striking color gradient in Photoshop, I’

Amontillado: From First Draft to Last

amontillado 6 min read typewriter - chapter one typed on paper

I found myself unexpectedly giddy this morning. Why? Nostalgia, perhaps. Or maybe a sudden influx of satisfaction.

While cleaning and organizing files on the computer, I stumbled across the earliest drafts of AMONTILLADO. Among the collection, I found the very first draft of Chapter 1. I have only vague memories of writing it. For structural and tonal reasons, the early chapters went through the most numerous and thorough revisions, meaning the words that spouted from my fingertips during those early days are furthest removed from those that made their way to the bound pages of the novel. Nothing unusual about

FREE Amontillado? Why not? It's the End of the World!

amontillado 2 min read Amontillado book cover and figure

R.E.M. might not have thought to include Amontillado in their world ending song, but we'll forgive them. After all, it hadn't been written yet.

Nevertheless, it's written now, and as the world is about to end this Friday, I thought, "Why not go out with a bang?" To that end (Ha! Pun intended), I've made Amontillado free at the Amazon Kindle Store for the three days leading up to the complete demise and destruction of mankind and planet earth.

Amazon rankings and reviews are one of the best tools a modern day author has for gaining exposure and

Amontillado On Sale Now

amontillado 1 min read Amontillado On Sale Now

It’s been a long time in the making, from story to script to novel, through kids and divorce and rewrites, but Amontillado has finally hit the shelves. I’m still working on keeping my distance from it for a little while so I can talk about it objectively. For now, let me just give you the links and ask you to give it a read.

Amontillado Hardcover from

Amontillado Hardcover from Barnes&

Amontillado [Kindle Edition] from

On the digital front, Amontillado is exclusive to Amazon’s Kindle. Increased distribution to Nook or

Amontillado Arrives November 15! Order Now!

amontillado 1 min read Amontillado Arrives November 15! Order Now!

Pre-order Amontillado from Amazon Now!

So the day of reckoning is upon us. Or upon me, I suppose. For everyone who has, over the years, watched me bail on plans or heard me refuse to schedule plans in the first place because I needed to work on my novel, next week marks the first chance you’ll get to be astonished at what I achieved or to decide my time would have been better spent getting drunk with you.

AMONTILLADO will be released on November 15th, and it is available to pre-order in hardcover right now from Amazon or Barnes