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A Scottish Lament

“Boy,” barked the Captain, “do you smell it?” “Aye, sir.” “Tell me then. From which way does the wind blow?” “’Tis as an easterly wind, sir.” “Indeed it...

Life, Chaos, and a Dirty Window

More than a decade ago, my world collapsed. A marriage crumbled. Undesired change attacked from every direction. Powerless to stop it, too shocked and confused to...


Life is a dance. We step in varied rhythms. We swing, we glide, we dip, we fall. We move from one dark corner of a crowded dance...


Fly closer every day, oh desolate lands of loneliness, and discover in each corner of this fragmented, delusional wasteland, on each continent of this...

The Repository of What We Miss

In all the lore of humankind, where might one discover the repository of missed steps, forgotten moments, and nonexistent memories? I ask only because...

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