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Trialing Google's New Monthly Photo Print Service

photography 4 min read Trialing Google's New Monthly Photo Print Service

Once upon a time, printed photos mattered to me. I spent hours in Photoshop correcting and cropping and prepping.  I invested in expensive printers.

As I tired of replacing ink cartridges and toner, I shifted to print services like Shutterfly. Eventually, even that was too much work. I resorted to quick print jobs at Walgreens. The quality wasn't spectacular, but I'd have my photos same day.

In those days, I had young kids, and I took a lot of photos on digital cameras and, eventually, phones. There was no easy way to manage them (the photos OR the kids). Photo

Daily Photo Project - 2016 Year End Results

photography 3 min read Daily Photo Project - 2016 Year End Results

Unless you’re still drunk, you probably realize 2016 has ended. That means my Daily Photo Project is over.

I’m calling it a success. The primary goal was to learn my camera, and I know so much more than I did at the start of the year. Most importantly, I have practical, applied knowledge. I always understood that aperture and focal length affected depth of field, but “knowing” it and having the ability to quickly adjust camera settings to affect it are different things.

I would never again use my camera’s Auto mode, which by itself is a

Daily Photo Project - October Update

photography 4 min read Daily Photo Project - October Update

What can I say? The Daily Photo Project suffered some setbacks over the summer. I’ve continued to take photos, but the numbers have plummeted.  What happened? Why so few?

There are too many excuses to name. Relocation and laziness top most lists, but there’s one more subtle factor.

I lost my muse.

Now, this project was never entirely inspired by a person. The goals I set were goals I aspired to achieve. I wanted to learn my camera, and I have. I wanted to learn which lens to use in which situation, and I’ve definitely improved. I

Daily Photo Project - May Update

photography 1 min read

The Daily Photo project continues. For those who don’t know, the daily photo project is my attempt to take a different photo every day in hopes of better understanding my camera, its settings, and all the magic that makes for great photography (at least in a technical sense).

I missed more days in March/April than in previous months, but I made up for it by finding subjects outside the ordinary everyday stuff in my house. Warmer weather took me outdoors. Subjects got larger. I went walking in the woods. I’ve decided I like wide distances condensed into

Daily Photo Project Update: Wherefore art thou, interesting subjects

photography 2 min read Daily Photo Project Update: Wherefore art thou, interesting subjects

Two months into my daily photo project, I have both good and bad things to report.

First, the good.  Without question, I feel more knowledgeable about my camera and lenses than at any point in history. Decisions occur faster. Results are better. Should I change ISO or shutter? Shutter or aperture? Most amusing are the shots taken in daylight after opening both the shutter and aperture for a nighttime shot the day before. Find a subject. Frame the shot. Click. See the result: A frame of solid white, blown out beyond recognition. Oops.

Given my numerous mistakes and failures, I

Daily Photo Project 2016

photography 2 min read Daily Photo Project 2016

So last year I bought a new camera. An awesome camera. I haven’t yet learned to properly use it, but that’s about to change.

I’ve studied photography in the past. I know a bit about composition, not nearly enough about lighting and contrast, and I’m terrible at exploring the world enough to find worthy subjects, but those things are fixable. I’ve studied videography as well, in more detail, back when we worried about 3:2 pulldowns and such, before the days of progressive frame rates. I love moviemaking, and I’m better at it than