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My First Day with Microsoft's Surface Book

technology 6 min read My First Day with Microsoft's Surface Book

Last month, Microsoft wowed many of us with their unexpected Surface Book announcement. I certainly sat ooh-ing and aah-ing at my desk, sending instant messages and tweets to everyone I thought might care. What those messages said: “Microsoft just made the laptop I crave!”

Over the past year, I’ve been using a Surface Pro 3, a Macbook Pro, and a Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus (what a name!). In the interests of full disclosure, I’ve always preferred Windows to OSX. I use the MBP for Xcode and Ruby development, because it’s required by universal laws and such.

My First Week with the Moto 360

technology 4 min read My First Week with the Moto 360

In the interest of upping my weekly word count and changing things up a bit, I thought I’d scribble a few thoughts on the technology I use daily (for both work and pleasure). To start things off, let’s talk Moto360 and Android Wear.

I’ve been a Pebble owner for well over a year. I started with the original pebble, upgraded to the pebble steel, then reverted to the original pebble. Sure, the Steel was constructed of better materials and had a nifty black metal band, but it was also blockier and didn’t sit as well on