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My First Weeks with Google Play (Audio) Books

technology 5 min read My First Weeks with Google Play (Audio) Books

TLDR Summary: Google Play Audiobooks is fantastic and every bit as great as Audible. I noticed a small syncing inconvenience with Android Auto, but that's easy to fix. Google Home integration is lovely. The big negative: content. Google needs more Audiobooks. I'm sure they'll get more eventually. Until then, we'll struggle with wanting the ecosystem benefits of Google Play but preferring the book selection of Audible.

At long last, Audible has a worthy competitor. It’s called Google Play Books.

In most ways, Audible is a fantastic service. Great selection. Great features. The subscription plan is reasonable for my usage

Introducing Dander (Update: Deprecated)

business 1 min read Introducing Dander (Update: Deprecated)

For those who don’t know, I’ve got a new side project. It’s a mobile app dedicated to creating awareness and raising money (via microdonations) for animal shelters.

We call it Dander. You know, like Tinder, but Dander, except for pets, not humans. Actually, our original concept really was a Tinder for Pet adoptions (swipe right if you want to talk to the pet shelter), but the app doesn’t look or work like Tinder any more.

In any case, if you love pets, want to support animal rescue shelters, or maybe just want to support a few

Hello, Facebook's Updated Android Dialer

technology 3 min read Hello, Facebook's Updated Android Dialer

So here’s my first app review. I use and study so many applications, I might as well think about them a bit more vocally, if only to get my own thoughts in order. Yes, this first one might be rough, but they’ll get better. Perhaps.

This week, Facebook updated their Hello app, and I’ve switched to it as my full-time dialer. Overall, it has promise, but there are, expectedly, a few drawbacks. Let’s see how this goes.

What is it?

Facebook Hello is basically a replacement for your phone’s dialer, call log, and incoming call