I might dive into the sea to show you a treasure, to swim the wrecks of ancient man, to lavish you with golden coins or precious silver, rubies and emeralds and jade busts of elegance and mystery. If you would join me, hold my hand and hold your breath and come.

Watch the ages drift in the current, centuries like starfish relaxing in the sand. We dive deeper, longer. We see Viking masts in the North Atlantic and galleons of the Spanish treasure fleet hiding their fortunes in the Caribbean. We discover Phoenician ceramics in the port of Alexandria, Ottoman jewels in the Adriatic, and the face of an emperor on every coin in the Mediterranean.

Taste the salt. Feel the wetness. Swim. Farther. Deeper. The waters are cold and then warm, bright and then dark. The stormy pulse of your heart beat intensifies as your lungs begin to burn. We see visions of majesty on the high seas. Pirates and frigates and rum on the shore. Rainbows and mermaids and pathways to Atlantis. We are lost, swimming, rulers of the surreal, puppet masters of Poseidon, who yields to our fantasies like any lustful Athenian must.

You radiate with warmth as you long for air. Your mind twirls in euphoric deprivation. Sea fauna spring from the coral at your feet and dolphins leap at your command. Here you are a goddess. Here the serpents straighten beneath your gaze. Here the lords of creation coalesce around you, touching you, feeling you, lifting you. Up we go. To the pinnacle of an illustrious world, where light beams from a crystalline sky, where fear and suffering melt beneath the intensity of life. Reach for the surface. Feel it coming. Burst from the depths. Leap from the darkest fathoms. Fly to the loftiest realms of ecstasy. And lose yourself with the orgasmic intake of that first breath.

Now relax. For there is a world of treasure and lore in the waters beneath you. And soon we shall swim there once again.

Reposted from long ago…2011


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