R.E.M. might not have thought to include Amontillado in their world ending song, but we'll forgive them. After all, it hadn't been written yet.

Nevertheless, it's written now, and as the world is about to end this Friday, I thought, "Why not go out with a bang?" To that end (Ha! Pun intended), I've made Amontillado free at the Amazon Kindle Store for the three days leading up to the complete demise and destruction of mankind and planet earth.

Amazon rankings and reviews are one of the best tools a modern day author has for gaining exposure and drawing in new readers. To earn reviews, a book must first be read.  So the goal here is to gain readers in the hope of garnering reviews, which may in turn increase exposure. It's dizzying, or maybe the earth's gravity is failing, or the magnetic fields have reversed, or I drank too much whiskey.  Who knows?! But it's important, and frankly, when you've spent so much time creating something, you want people to experience it, even if they do so for free.

So I'm going to need your help. The goal is to end the world at the top of the Amazon bestseller charts (in the FREE category).  It won't be easy. Lots of books compete for those top spots, and I don't know very many people. If everyone could take a few minutes out of the day to spread the world, to post on social accounts, to share the link, to drag every person encountered to a computer (or to the amazon kindle app on their phone, or to an actual KINDLE device) and have them download the book, I'd be thankful.  If you get them to read it, I'll be ecstatic!In any case, that's my plea. I'm not down on my knees as I type, but I could be if it would help. Time to make some noise with this little mystery novel. With your help, we can end the world on top and go out with a bang. And yes, I'm quite aware how cheesy that sounds. I haven't figured out the marketing thing yet.

Here's the link:http://www.amazon.com/Amontillado-ebook/dp/B00A80DC5MThe promotion runs from Wednesday, December 18th until Friday, December 21st. After that, Amontillado will exist in the ether, waiting patiently for aliens to arrive and discover it. There certainly won't be any humans left to enjoy it...


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