The new year has rolled in much as the previous one departed, bereft of happiness or joy but steeped in sentimentality, pain, fear, and sorrow. Thankfully, the two little monkeys infesting my house seem not to have noticed. They continue to destroy, dismantle, and devour. The house exists in a world of limbo, often being cleaned but seldom clean, never more than a few minutes away from further disaster. It's rather frightening that two tiny people can so quickly and thoroughly decimate an entire house.

And that leads us to a new development: Cults. Aboriginal behavior. Collective subconsciouses at work. What I'm hinting at here is that these two darling daughters of mine have taken up chanting.

Yes, chanting. If I'm out of the room, in the distance I'll hear the out-of-sync call for daddy. Soon the voices become one, and as if rehearsed in a Broadway theater, a chorus line of two marches down the hall chanting in unison, "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Sometimes the chanting is quiet and cute. Other times it is boisterous. This morning when I wouldn't turn on the television I was treated to a shouting rendition of "Dora! Dora! Dora!" Once I realized they weren't planning a raid on Pearl Harbor, I decided their shouts were better suited for a ballgame than for my living room. Three days ago, the starving little devils called out, "Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!" for about ten minutes until I relented and opened the refrigerator.

And I'll tell you this:  it would be VERY annoying, if it wasn't so darn cute.

So welcome to a new year of The Daily Writer. To take up the practice of my daughters, "Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!" (to fully appreciate my chanting, imagine me with a wide smile and peanut butter smeared on my face, juice dripping down my chin and staining my shirt, while i march around the room wearing a sock on one foot and another sock on my hand.) Lots of plans in the works. Looking to redesign and rebrand all my websites, incorporating them into one general look. And I plan to start selling some of my writing. I hope you'll be interested. Unfortunately, there is only so much time in a day, as you are all aware, so it may take longer than expected. I'll eagerly keep you updated. Welcome back.


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