It seems, during these restless summer days of vacationing and celebration, Smartypants has spent her leisure time contemplating the future and its myriad possibilities.  She's apparently working under the flawed assumption that Daddy won't eat the universe any time soon (see post below), but we'll forgive her.

Last week we watched the Space Shuttle launch on television.  She called it a spaceship.  She wanted to watch it fly through space.  I sensed an intense curiosity, and so I asked her a question:

"Do you want to be an astronaut when you get older?"

Without hesitation, she answered, "No."

"What do you want to be?"

"A mommy."

"Ahh.  Will you have monkey babies?"

"Oh, Daddy."

"You know, you can be a mommy AND an astronaut.  You can do both."


"Yes.  Doesn't your mommy have a job?"

"She does!"

"So you can have a job and be a mommy."


"So will you be a mommy AND an astronaut?"



"I want to be a teacher."

So there you go.  Four-years-old and she's got her plan.  Let's start the count now:  How many times will it change in the next thirty years?

Something tells me I'll lose track along the way.  But as long as there aren't boys in the picture, I'll continue to be supportive.


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