A Short Ride with a OneWheel and Skydio 2 Drone

A couple weeks ago I spent the afternoon OneWheeling with my nephew. We decided to let the drone accompany us.

Let me just say the Skydio 2 is brilliant. DJI drones certainly win for camera quality, but this Skydio drone tracked us better than any camera tracking system I've ever used, and it did so while navigating complex obstacles like trees and cars and houses and street lights. Once or twice, we almost lost it, but that was operator error. I thought I chose a setting I hadn't actually chosen, which caused some erratic drone behavior. Even then, it always managed to locate us before I had to hunt it down.

Anyway, I threw together a short video with some of the footage. I like the music, too, although I'm fairly certain it's a blatant American Authors ripoff. (Let's call it a tribute!). Enjoy.

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