Testing the DJI Mic On a OneWheel

A couple weeks ago, I picked up the brand new DJI Mic. I own a couple lav mics, but they can be complicated, and they require XLR inputs, and they're never charged when I need them, and they're all just a little more cumbersome than I want them to be, which means I rarely use them. That being said, they record great audio. So the question became: if the DJI Mic is better from an ease-of-use standpoint, how good is the audio quality?

Before I made the purchase, I watched this review and this comparison. both reviews are better (and by more qualified people) than anything I could do. I dabble in audio, but, as with most of my interests, I'm no expert. So I wasn't about to make a review.

Once I had the devices in hand, however, I wasn't sure how best to use them. I have some ideas for grabbing quick behind the scenes audio in my studio, and I think they'll work well for some Flight Simulator recordings.

But one particular use case jumped out at me: Good Audio on a OneWheel.

The main obstacle for recording OneWheel audio is wind. Everyone is familiar with the sound of wind on their home videos. It's annoying. Some phones can now use multiple mics to reduce wind noise. Sometimes GoPros can, too. But mostly they suck. Because of this, good outdoor mics tend to require a windscreen.

The wind problem is exacerbated when you're on a OneWheel, because you're adding movement through air. I like to use a GoPro Max for OneWheel video, because it captures video in 360 degrees, or even a drone. But neither is particularly good at capturing audio. The 360 camera needs to be close to your head, and it still picks up a lot of wind. Drones tend to pick up only the sound of their propellers.

So I wanted to see if the DJI Mic, which comes with a windscreen, could be a simple solution to recording audio while on a ride. In this video, I test the mic in a few different positions. I test recording to the transmitter as well as the receiver.  Plugging the receiver into your phone, it turns out, is a great way to get quality audio on the phone video or while livestreaming.

Best of all, the DJI Mic is always charged and ready to go (assuming you occasionally remember to charge the case).

So enjoy. This is by no means a thorough and proper test. The results are not scientific. But for me, the DJI Mic proved to be a perfect solution. I intend to wear one whenever I'm recording on my OneWheel, be it with my phone, a gopro, or a drone.

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