One daughter is quiet, shy, introspective, perhaps to a fault. Still, she's only three, so we musn't judge.

The other daughter, the 15 month old terror, is a loud, rambunctious, outgoing ne'er-do-well, destined for either greatness or early death by adrenaline overdose.

One daughter likes to read books and color. The other likes to tear handfuls of fur off the hissing cat's skin.

One likes to quietly imagine fantasy worlds of playdoh and legos. The other likes to finger electrical sockets and scale baby gates after leaping head first off couches without a protective net beneath her.

One paints on the computer. The other stealthily pushes the computer's power button just before you save your work.

The question thus becomes: how can two little girls with the same parents possess such dichotomous traits? Shouldn't they be similar? Shouldn't parenting skills play at least a small part in their behavior? I don't pretend to be a psychology scholar. But these two are about as close as you might find to polar opposites. What's the deal?

Anyway, do I have a point here? Not today. I'm too tired. Consider this an observation. More to come, eventually.


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