This is an exciting week. In my previous post, I hinted at several upcoming announcements. Today we've got two of them.

Last year, I met two filmmakers working in Los Angeles. Leah Saint Marie and Angel Daahoud Murphy. Leah is a former investigative journalist. Now a screenwriter and director, she has multiple writing and filmmaking awards under her belt. Angel is a multifaceted actor, writer, and musician. Together, they're creating two great new podcasts, and my Streetlamp Media company is helping to produce and distribute.

The first podcast, Before the Fade, is a precursor to a documentary Angel plans called After the Fade. In the documentary, we'll learn what happened to musicians after the fade of their famous songs. In the podcast, we explore classic songs with the artists and producers who brought them to life. What was it like in the recording studio? What was the inspiration for any given song? How did songs impact the art of making music or society at large. With seven episodes recorded for season one, each with a stellar guest, the show covers a lot of ground and offers amazing behind the scenes details.  Any fan of music should tune in. First episode goes live on your favorite podcast platform February 15. Learn more at

The second podcast is even more ambitious than the first. As a working screenwriter and a person dedicated to fairness and justice and helping others, Leah wants to help screenwriters break into an industry that can often feel confusing and opaque and guarded by gatekeepers. For screenwriters, one of their first introductions to the industry is the pitch. How do you convince producers and agents and other filmmakers that your idea is worthy and marketable?

To address these problems, Leah and Angel have created Pitch!, a podcast for working and aspiring screenwriters, industry professionals, and anyone interested in storytelling and the art of selling ideas. Each episode consists of two parts: a free discussion of screenwriting and filmmaking topics, with an occasional guest. And a premium portion that presents pitches from working screenwriters. Each pitch will be accompanied by a table read of the script's first three pages. The podcast serves as an outlet for screenwriters to share their concepts, a place to gain exposure, a place for industry professionals to hear pitches passively on their own time, and a place where aspiring writers can hear pitch examples to assist with their own efforts.

For me personally, having pitched story ideas as well as startup business ideas, I think it will be a fantastic resource and window into a world that is too often dark. And what's the mission of Streetlamp Media but to illuminate that which lies in shadow? (Ooh, I like that how that sounds).

Pitch! launches February 15th on all major podcast platforms. The full premium episodes will be free for the first week. After that they'll be available as part of a subscription at Learn more at

I've got more announcements on the way, too. As I said, exciting times. But I hope you'll give both these worthy podcasts a listen.


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