It's no secret I have a passion for books and cameras. I first attempted to write a novel in seventh grade. I made my earliest stop motion Lego movies even younger. I've always been fascinated by the telling of a story, the emotional response of humans experiencing it, and the technology behind both.

In college, I taught myself how to write code so I could create websites and (later) applications with which people could interact.

Twenty years ago, I worked at an independent creative studio, where I learned about 3D animation, keyframing, film editing, pre-production techniques, digital workflows, script wranglers, shooting schedules, etc..

In 2012, with the publication of my novel, Amontillado, I acquired firsthand experience with cover design, print layout, ISBN acquisition, marketing, digital sales, and the dangers of underselling physical inventory at large retailers.

While I've used some of these skills in a professional capacity, most of them have long remained in the realm of hobby.

Until now.

After some success in the technology world, I'm returning to my earliest passions. Storytelling, the technologies that enhance it, and the people involved.

Streetlamp Media is one of three new businesses I'm developing. It will serve primarily as a production and publishing company, with an initial focus geared toward digital storytelling.

As I mention in this launch update, one of the primary goals of the business will be to help other voices tell their own stories in their own way. My parents and grandparents worked hard to provide me with a world of opportunity and privilege. I recognize that. I also recognize that many people, regardless of their effort or the effort of generations before them, will never have the same opportunity. Success is incredibly difficult for any creative person. No one needs additional obstacles. Perhaps I can help in some small way.

One goal for each project will be to focus on inclusivity, opportunity, and representation. These are for-profit activities, but my goal is to offer transparency and equity so the people doing the creative work benefit as much or more than the dude providing capital. That's what I wanted twenty years ago. There's no reason I should feel differently sitting on the opposite side of the table.

With all that being said, step one is to get started.

In the near term, Streetlamp Media will pursue three initiatives. First, we'll start by backing Kickstarter projects and Patreon programs for aspiring creators. Second, I have in mind the framework for a short musical series, but I want to find writers and filmmakers better suited to telling that story than I am. Third, I'll be working with an old filmmaking buddy to write and produce an animated series using Epic Game's Unreal Engine. For that we'll need designers, animators, and voice talent. Announcement coming soon.

So off we go. There's much to learn. I look forward to every minute of it. If you want to follow the progress, you can find Streetlamp Media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Not much content yet, but stay tuned. And thanks for your interest.


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