Patrick Rothfuss Talks Charities and Process

This “writing process” video seems to focus on a charity more than a writing process, but secretly it’s all about process.  These are the thoughts you think before you ever write a word.  Ideas need to make sense in a writer’s head before they’ll make sense in a reader’s head. Obviously, some people don’t work this way, but I certainly do.  So much down time, staring at a wall, unfocusing out a window, pacing around a room, thinking and plotting and dreaming, wondering how to tell a story.

And mindspace is wonderful. I love music or television while writing code, but I need silence to write words (or ambient background noise).  I also need time to get into that mindspace. I can’t just sit down and be productive.  It’s always nice to hear authors you admire dealing with the same issues.

The other great part of this video: “I do read fantasy. My people are geeks. I’m a geek.”  Sips coffee…

Long live Patrick Rothfuss!

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