For those who don’t know, I’ve got a new side project. It’s a mobile app dedicated to creating awareness and raising money (via microdonations) for animal shelters.

We call it Dander. You know, like Tinder, but Dander, except for pets, not humans. Actually, our original concept really was a Tinder for Pet adoptions (swipe right if you want to talk to the pet shelter), but the app doesn’t look or work like Tinder any more.

In any case, if you love pets, want to support animal rescue shelters, or maybe just want to support a few humans who like animals and building tech products, take a look.

The website is

The app is in here in the iOS app store.

What was my involvement? I’m a co-founder. Over the past six months, I’ve designed the app, our website, our blog and social sites. I’ve coded portions of the website and mobile app. I’ve helped with the investor pitch. My co-founders have done all the outreach to shelters and investors, which is good, because i’m a content introvert. It’s been a lot of work to get where we are, but it’s fun, exciting, and something I thoroughly enjoy doing. Technology is swell.

So give it a whirl.  I’ve written some posts on the Dander blog explaining further, so be sure to check those out. Follow us on social media, and, if you’re not an Android user like me, download the Dander app and consider making a donation.

Should be a fun ride. Thanks for your interest!

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Note: We shut down Dander is mid 2015. We couldn't figure out how to make the model work. The good news: we started a new business that proved much more successful personally, if not for the animals.


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