Of all the day's meals, breakfast tends to give us the most trouble. Both girls are quite content to eat the same lunch or dinner day after day, or they eat the same two or three things interspersed throughout the week. But when it comes to breakfast, they're as indecisive as a dieting adult at a McDonald's drive-thru.

In the house, at this moment, we have plain Cheerios, Strawberry Yogurt Cheerios, Vanilla Yogurt Cheerios, Lucky Charms (though I ate most of them), Eggs, Pancakes, Waffles, and a lot of oatmeal. They love each item on the list. And yet getting them to eat breakfast is no easy task.

The yogurt covered Cheerios are relatively new, and the girls recently went through a phase where they wanted nothing else. Sadly, we're back to the good 'ole days. I give them options, they say no. I make the decision, they say no. They ask for candy. My turn to say no. They ask for spaghettios (at 7:30 AM!!!). No again. On and on like this for half an hour. It's insane. Obviously they studied mommy and daddy all those times we couldn't quite agree on what to eat for dinner. They studied, and they perfected the skill.

I suppose I could simply give them one choice, and if they don't eat it they starve. But that doesn't help anyone. They need to eat for health reasons, and I need them to eat for sanity reasons (the whining and fussiness of unfed children can be loud and unpleasant). So we continue our morning struggle. Ultimately, they reluctantly settle on something.  It's not REALLY a big deal, but it's bizarre given their eagerness to eat the same one or two things every day for lunch or dinner.

I simply can't understand the minds of little people, but who can?

The real kicker is when, after thirty minutes of debating, they agree to my very first offer:  Cheerios.

Of course, Smiley then gets all giddy and searches for a cat who might want to eat her breakfast.  Thank goodness we have a decent vacuum.


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