Drinking Water. Sort of.

Smiley wants nothing more than to immitate her big sister. So when Smartypants went to the water cooler yesterday and filled up her Dora glass, Smiley had to do the same. But Smiley had no Dora glass. Her face twisted into a grimace as she scanned the surroundings for a cup. She didn't find one. Being the clever devil she is, however, she improvised. She disappeared into the bathroom and emerged with one of those cardboard toilet paper rolls with no toilet paper on it. I can only assume she pulled it from the trash can.

Do keep in mind cardboard toilet paper rolls are cylinders with no enclosure at either end. Apparently, her little mind hasn't realized this yet.

She grabbed the roll and shifted it into position near the water cooler. I watched curiously. She pulled the knob. Water poured into -- and through!!! -- the roll. She smiled, lifted it to her mouth and pretended to drink.

"Is that good water?" I asked, knowing she never tasted a drop.

Her reply: "Yes.  More?"

Ahh...  Little girls. Strange things they are.

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