I like video games, but I'm not a huge gamer. I dream of being a superb gamer the way I sometimes imagine I'm still a collegiate gymnast: in my head I'm a rockstar, but reality tells a different story.

In any case, other than dabbling in No Man's Sky, filling leisure time with Rocket League, and dying frequently during way too many hours of PUBG, I don't play too many games.

What better time to try a new one than during a bit of social distancing due to a global pandemic?

Disclaimer: I am not a person who must make wild sacrifices to achieve social distancing. I'm already an introvert who mostly works from home.  I can spend four or five days in my house with no human contact before I feel the slightest social twinge. There's cleaning to do, books to read, novels to write, screenplays to storyboard, videos to edit, businesses to plan...  Who has time for people?!?!

In any case, I've been following the pre-release excitement of a game on Xbox called Ori and the Will of the Wisps.  The post-release hype is equally solid. Most importantly, the difficulty seemed on par with my skills, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.

And you know what? I'm loving it.  I'm only about 90 minutes in, but it's a gorgeous game. The music is relaxing. The challenges are, thus far, geared exactly toward my degree of patience.

So off we go on another adventure. The real question is: What comes first? The end of our coronavirus quarantining? Or me getting stuck, unable to defeat Ori's enemies, and giving up?

I'd bet the latter.


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