I fell in love with Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s writing when I first listened to the audio version of his novel, The Shadow of the Wind. His Cemetery of Forgotten Books might be the greatest fictional locale in the history of literature.

I’ve since bought a signed advanced reader’s copy of that novel, plus collector editions for it and its two successors. They’re dark, mysterious, romantic, all about books, authors, and love.  Just try to keep me away.

Thus my delight to discover his words now adorning various Chipotle beverage cups.

I stopped in for burrito with my daughter over the weekend, ordered a lemonade, and heard her say, “Let me read your cup.”  I said, “We’re in a hurry. Eat your food. You can read it later.” She didn’t like that answer, but while ignoring her, I took a peek myself. And there it was. Carlos Ruiz Zafón’s two-minute story about death, happiness, love, and the end of the world.

Let’s just say I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch.

Here’s the full text. Click to view full size. I hope Chipotle doesn’t mind.


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