Streetlamp Media is an aspirational business I started last year. The primary mission is to help new and underrepresented voices be heard across any and all media.

Important disclaimer: I don't have a business plan. I don't have timelines or particular goals at this point. In many ways, this business is an a research and development phase. I'm meeting people in the indie filmmaking world. I'm learning how to find important storytellers and voices. I'm learning how films are financed, exploring equitable contract solutions so everyone shares equally in the upside of projects. I'm also taking baby steps into the world of executive producing, earning several credits to establish something of a track record.

Over the past year, I've backed half a dozen Kickstarter projects by indie filmmakers of various races, nationalities, and genders. I've invested in short films by female directors.

Most recently I served as judge for a Chicago-based film grant awarding money to projects promoting STE(A)M education. It was hard. I wanted every project to win.

So this is the beginning of something. I don't know what. Ideally, it will be a vehicle for creation, a vehicle for change, a vehicle for good.

You can read more about it at, and soon you'll start to see videos talking about it and promoting the projects being worked on.

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