After 26 months of pandemic life, I finally encountered the mighty Covid. Thankfully, I've been vaccinated and boosted. So while my bout hasn't been the symptomless walk-in-the-park many others have enjoyed, it certainly hasn't been the worst illness I've ever experienced.

It all started with a sore throat. Coughing. Fatigue. Lots of fatigue. Then came a fever. By day three, I couldn't concentrate for more than a few minutes. I tried and failed multiple times to watch a new show, always resorting back to familiar sitcoms that made no demands of my attention or focus. (The title of this post can probably tip you off to the comfort sitcom I watched most)

On day four, I started the Paxlovid antiviral pills. Shout out to CVS, Walgreens, and the United States Government for making them available and free. I've definitely improved since my first dose, but it's difficult to know if the medication played a large or small role. The side effects have been mostly minor. An occasional muscle pain or a weird tingle down my arm.  The most severe has been the oft-reported metallic blah yuck blah blah yuck taste in my mouth. It's legitimately unpleasant, but it's a small price to pay to avoid the hospital.

I'm writing this on day six, I think? I've lost track. I'm definitely on the mend but susceptible to random attacks of fatigue. They happen quickly. Yesterday morning, I felt great. Ate breakfast. Made coffee for the first time all week. Read a book. Tried to do a little work. By noon, I was on my back. I spent the rest of the day horizontal on the couch with a minor fever and shakiness.

Oh, and either the virus has decided to make one final stand in my sinuses or my allergies saw an opportunity to kick me while I'm down. I'm congested and unable to breathe through my nose. That's typical this time of year, but adding it on top of everything else is rude.

I'm not complaining, though. My Covid battle has been far less severe and dire than what others have faced. If I'm past the worst of it, I'll consider myself lucky.

As might be expected, most projects are on hold.

Last week was the 5th anniversary of the launch of my previous startup, ApartmentJet. I'm planning to retell the tale in a series of blog posts (I already have 30 pages of notes), and wanted to start last week, but...

I have Streetlamp Media project announcements coming soon as well. And a couple new videos for the YouTube channel.

A lot in progress, as always, plus new developments at my day job (CobraSelect).

All that and more coming soon, along with a solemn and sincere nod to those who have faced much worse Covid battles.

Get vaccinated!


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