The basic vague pitch:

When you lose your job, your health care costs can skyrocket at a time when you have little or no income. CobraSelect wants to help fix that problem.

My partners and I founded this company in Autumn of 2020, at a time when several of us were on COBRA after Covid decimated our old businesses. We weren't insurance experts, but we've come a long way in the last 18 months.

We've worked with multiple actuarial firms to model our ideas. We've defined and refined our insurance product and service solutions. We've conducted employee surveys, met with dozens of broker partners, insurance carriers, administrators, and intermediaries. We've built a phenomenal team of advisors, and we've raised significant capital.

We're in deep talks with some of the largest insurance carriers in the nation, and we expect to launch later this year.

It's an exciting, educational endeavor that should, if we do it right, prove helpful to millions of people. Hopefully I can tell you more very soon.

For now, you can visit our intentionally vague website at

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