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A Vote for Progress, Inclusion, Equality, and the Betterment of Humanity

In 2020, we're not simply voting against a disgrace. We're voting for a brighter future.

Three Environmentally Friendly Companies I've Discovered During Quarantine

Modifying my consumer behaviors to align environmental efforts with equality and justice movements.

Comparing Privilege to a Video Game

Adam Savage of Mythbusters discusses privilege using video game terms we can all understand.


Windfarms are a beautiful attempt to save humankind, and to power our ambitions into the future.

Our Day to Change the World

On the day Barack Obama leaves office, I revisit the words I wrote the day of his inauguration.

Hillary Lost Social Media

Hillary lost the social media battle, and it was part of why she lost the presidency.

You're Being Manipulated. That's okay. Just remember to think!

We're allowed to be biased and have opinions, but we must base our opinions on facts and truth.

A New Battle for Hope

My reaction the day after the 2016 presidential election of he who must not be named.

A Moment of Reflection for Those who Die as a Footnote

It's easy to focus our studies on famous historical figures, but let's not forget everyone else.

Little Tree Men

Should we persecute and subjugate people because of a myth?


Recalling the events of September 11, 2001 and how they impacted me. Never forget.

A Disaster of Incompetence

The Bush Administration's response to Katrina is a disaster of neglect and incompetence.