Kevin LamppostHi I’m Kevin! I like books.  When I was younger, I came to understand that inky squiggles formed letters and letters formed words and words filled books and books filled bookstores. Thus, I began visiting bookstores as often as possible. Like so many others, reading The Lord of the Rings in high school jump-started a fascination with Fantasy, and a love of Fantasy grew into literary interests spanning all genres.

Believe it or not, though, I like more than books. I’ve won awards for web development. I’ve been invited to a Hollywood studio for creating a popular website. I’ve made movies and written screenplays. I’ve been a stay-at-home dad. I’ve helped build a multi-million dollar technology business in Chicago. I’ve written and published a novel. I’ve started a new company geared toward helping pets and pet shelters. And I’m in the process of writing something brand new that I can’t wait for people to read.

Despite all that, I’m sometimes a bit goofy, and often nerdy, and I’m usually happiest drinking coffee and reading a book. If you can tolerate such nonsense, you might enjoy this place. Thanks for stopping by!