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Now Reading “Napoleon: A Life” by Andrew Roberts

One of my stated goals with this blog is to discuss why I plan to read a book before I actually read it. I’ve...

Now Reading “Armada” by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One came out of nowhere. It was geeky, fun, and oh so memorable. It was the ultimate throwback for those of us who grew up playing Atari, Commodore, Intellivision. How did Cline pull it off? And can he do it again with Armada?

“Go Set a Watchman” by Harper Lee

Whether published for its merit or its fame, a book like Go Set a Watchman is a rare thing, and its release is an exciting public event. How fun to be a part of it.

“The Third Reich at War” by Richard J Evans

So now I'm reading Richard J Evans' The Third Reich at War. It’s the third and final volume in an epic historical saga detailing every aspect of the Nazi Party from the late 1920s until 1945. The most stunning aspect of this period, other than the rampant anti-semitism and political murder, is the ideological blanketing of German culture. Every aspect of daily life became a Party issue, with guidelines and retroactive laws to control reproduction, indoctrinal education, arts, literature, science, philosophy, agriculture, etc.. This was a Party intent on absolute ideological dominance and war.

“Seveneves” by Neal Stephenson

I'm still undecided about Neal Stephenson. I'm drawn to his books, but I wouldn't say I love them. At a minimum, they're intelligent, and...

“This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate” by Naomi Klein

Now that I've promised to post about books I'm beginning to read, I figure I might as well read something profound. Enter "This Changes Everything:...

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