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Strolling San Francisco at Night with a DJI Osmo Pocket

I took my DJI Osmo Pocket for a walk in the wet streets of SF at night.

A Scottish Lament

“Boy,” barked the Captain, “do you smell it?” “Aye, sir.” “Tell me then. From which way does the wind blow?” “’Tis as an easterly wind, sir.” “Indeed it...

Our Day to Change the World

On the morning of Election day 2008, I wrote the following post and shared it on Facebook. That night, I celebrated in Chicago's Grant...

Amontillado – A Mystery Novel

Kevin Koperski’s Amontillado, the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired murder mystery, is available in digital and hardcover. Get it now!

Daily Photo Project – 2016 Year End Results

Unless you're still drunk, you probably realize 2016 has ended. That means my Daily Photo Project is over. I'm calling it a success. The primary goal...

Cubs Win the World Series – My 2016 Fan Journey

I attended several games at Wrigley Field AND a Pearl Jam concert. I attended a game in San Francisco. I even watched...

Daily Photo Project – October Update

What can I say? The Daily Photo Project suffered some setbacks over the summer. I've continued to take photos, but the numbers have plummeted. ...

Daily Photo Project – May Update

The Daily Photo project continues. For those who don't know, the daily photo project is my attempt to take a different photo every day in hopes...

Daily Photo Project Update: Wherefore art thou, interesting subjects

Two months into my daily photo project, I have both good and bad things to report. First, the good.  Without question, I feel more knowledgable...

Playtime with Sphero’s Star Wars BB-8 Droid

There's a new Star Wars movie coming soon. Today, #ForceFriday, Disney released a ridiculous number of new toys. While I'm not as desirous of...

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