My 2020 Writer Survey

After four years of building then selling a company, life has finally settled to a point where I'm ready to start writing again.

As I start to ideate and plan, I realize my old nemesis still inhabits the world. That nemesis is shitty writing software.

I can't find writing tools that work the way I want them to. Some tools perform well at various parts of the process, from ideation to plotting to writing to publishing, but I don't want ten different tools. I want one.

So now I'm contemplating an attempt to build my own. Modern, simple, cross platform, cloud based with offline abilities. Sleak to look at but fast and easy to use.  A tool that stays out of my way but helps where I need it and offers me new ways to think about the process of writing and publishing.

That being said, I know my way isn't the only way. And I know there are plenty of tools people love. This leads me to wonder: what do other writers love and hate about their writing software? I can't be the only person with these feelings.

So I created a little survey. If you're a writer, at any level, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Fill out the survey and tell me all about your current software, your existing process, what you love about your tools and what you hate. Your feedback may inform the functionality of any tools I create.

Also: If you'd be so kind as to share the link to the survey, I'll be sure to follow you.

As always, thanks for visiting the blog.

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