What Am I Thinking?


Introducing Amulet Studios

I've founded an indie animation studio with a long time friend and fellow filmmaking enthusiast.

Introducing Streetlamp Media

Wherein I talk about one of my new business endeavors: a production and publishing company.

The Last Time I Visited Europe Before Covid. Way Back in 2019.

Visited London and Prague in November 2019. Drank beers, did touristy things, and had a great time.

Making Stuff around the House (and Becoming my Father)

A new interest in crafting tangible objects has me making stuff for the house, and I love it.

A Vote for Progress, Inclusion, Equality, and the Betterment of Humanity

In 2020, we're not simply voting against a disgrace. We're voting for a brighter future.

Mellon Collie and Me: 25 Years Later

25 years ago, the Smashing Pumpkins changed my world with Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

A Relaxing Trip to Wisconsin (with Cameras!)

A short trip into the woods gives me plenty of excuses to play with my camera gear.

Early Adventures in 3D Printing

I recently purchased a 3D printer. This is the tale of my earliest attempts to use it.

Three Environmentally Friendly Companies I've Discovered During Quarantine

Modifying my consumer behaviors to align environmental efforts with equality and justice movements.

The Cemetery of Beautiful Unforgotten Books

A look at my Subterranean Press editions of Carlos Ruiz Zafón's glorious gothic mystery series.

Building a Simple Garage Shelf

I endeavor to optimize space while adding to my rudimentary maker experience.

A Casual OneWheel TimeWarp

Here's a simple 360 TimeWarp of my casual afternoon OneWheel ride through suburbia.

Social Distancing with Ori and the Will of the Wisps

When isolation becomes a recommended daily activity, I dive head first into a new video game.

Old Endeavors Forged Anew

As career and life events meet at various crossroads, I hope to return to some of my passions.

OneWheelin' with a GoPro Max

Took the GoPro Max out for a OneWheel ride in February. Used the GoPro app to make this nifty video.

25 Years Rocketing with the Smashing Pumpkins

After a daydreamy guitar intro, Billy Corgan belts out the word Love, and a 25 year journey begins.

My First Week with a OneWheel

OneWheels are a bit dangerous, a bit exciting, and a lotta fun, at least after my first week.

Comparing Privilege to a Video Game

Adam Savage of Mythbusters discusses privilege using video game terms we can all understand.


Windfarms are a beautiful attempt to save humankind, and to power our ambitions into the future.

Deadwood is Back. Pour the Whiskey.

A toast to reminiscing, to nostalgia, to art, to cinema, to profanity, to life. Cheers to Deadwood.

Strolling San Francisco at Night with a DJI Osmo Pocket

I took my DJI Osmo Pocket for a nighttime walk in the wet streets of San Francisco.


Currently I'm experimenting in every aspect of life, including work, art, and diet.

My First Weeks with Google Play (Audio) Books

Google has introduced Audiobooks, and we finally have a legitimate competitor to Audible.

New Ramblings for a New Year

Entering 2018, my goal is to share more and to offer at least something of value.

A Call to Words

A call to writers. In tumultuous times, our words can change the world.

The Songs We Lose

When we share a beloved song with a new partner, what happens when the relationship ends?

Otherwise Optimistically Occupied

Life has been keeping me busy, but the result is new productivity and a bit of fun.

A Scottish Lament

A short story about love, longing, loss, and pirates.

Our Day to Change the World

On the day Barack Obama leaves office, I revisit the words I wrote the day of his inauguration.

My Year in Books - 2016

A recap of the books I read in 2016, from Harry Potter to Dune to Russian history.

Amontillado - A Mystery Novel

Kevin Koperski’s Amontillado, the Edgar Allan Poe-inspired murder mystery, is available now!

To Osten Ard Again with Tad Williams

We return to the land of Osten Ard with Tad Williams' newest novel, The Heart of What was Lost.

Goodbye, Hello

There were great moments in 2016, but there was also pain and sadness.

Daily Photo Project - 2016 Year End Results

My "One Photo a Day" project wasn't entirely successful, but it produced some great shots.

My Gadgets: Made by Google

I've been using nearly every "Made by Google" product. These are my impressions.

Hillary Lost Social Media

Hillary lost the social media battle, and it was part of why she lost the presidency.

You're Being Manipulated. That's okay. Just remember to think!

We're allowed to be biased and have opinions, but we must base our opinions on facts and truth.

A New Battle for Hope

My reaction the day after the 2016 presidential election of he who must not be named.

Cubs Win the World Series - My 2016 Fan Journey

2016 was a great year to be a Cubs fan.

Daily Photo Project - October Update

I've been taking photos on my DSLR most of the year, chronicling color and heartbreak.

A Moment of Reflection for Those who Die as a Footnote

It's easy to focus our studies on famous historical figures, but let's not forget everyone else.

Early Impressions of No Man's Sky

Does No Man's Sky live up to my lofty expectations? Let's take a look.

Dusting Dusty Desktop Innards

Rebuilding my computer to make it a better gaming machine is quite the adventure.

Life, Chaos, and a Dirty Window

I spent many years watching the world through a window. It's a safe place, but I'm moving on.


A snippet: Life is a dance, and missteps early on can make us wallflowers the rest of our lives.

Daily Photo Project - May Update

A third of the way into the year, the photo project is still going. That’s an accomplishment.

Boxed Books Bad

Preparing for a move, I boxed up my book collection, resulting in rather strong emotions.

Little Tree Men

Should we persecute and subjugate people because of a myth?

New Arrival: The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe

A Kickstarter project arrives on my doorstep, and it's a gorgeous tribute to the gothic author.

Daily Photo Project Update: Wherefore art thou, interesting subjects

Two months into my daily photo project, I find myself searching for interesting subjects.

Tip-toeing Back into the Development Waters

It's been years since I've written code. The entire development world has changed.

A Lonely Duel

Love, loneliness, and miscommunication.

Daily Photo Project 2016

I'm taking a photo every day until I've got my new camera figured out. It's all manual.

Over Grass and Over Stone and Under Mountains in the Moon

2016 promises bigger and better achievements.

2015 - My Year in Books

Links to all the books I read in 2015.

The Shannara Chronicles

A new show set in Terry Brooks' Shannara series kicks off tonight on MTV. I'm excited.

NaNoWriMo 2015 in Time Lapse

Video and words belong together, so I shot timelapse footage of my 2015 NaNoWriMo sessions.

Star Wars: The Kid Awakens

The kid inside us gets to once more fall under that Star Wars spell with The Force Awakens.

Patrick Rothfuss Talks Charities and Process

But mostly about process, even if it's not at first apparent.

NaNoWriMo - Day 1

Adding timelapse videos to my daily writing regimen.

My First Day with Microsoft's Surface Book

Becoming familiar with my new first generation Surface Book. This thing is great.

My 20 Years with Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

What began with a midnight visit to a record store became decades of admiration and devotion.

Forgotten Colors: A Kickstarter Book Win

The Play Attitude team puts out another gorgeous book, this time telling an original story.


Recalling the events of September 11, 2001 and how they impacted me. Never forget.

Introducing Dander (Update: Deprecated)

. It’s a mobile app dedicated to creating awareness and raising money for animal shelters.

Playtime with Sphero's Star Wars BB-8 Droid

One particular Force Awakens toy has arrived, and it's so fun to play with.

Now Reading "The Watchmaker of Filigree Street" by Natasha Pulley

I need more female prose in my life, especially when it’s this elegant.

Now Reading "Napoleon: A Life" by Andrew Roberts

An intimidating, thorough, and fascinating biography of the infamous French emperor.

Fun with my new DJI Phantom 3

I take my new toy to an open field at sunset to test its performance and video chops.

When One Plus One is Way More than Two

Having two children is exponentially more difficult than having one.

Now Reading "Armada" by Ernest Cline

Ready Player One was geeky, fun, and memorable. Can Ernest Cline do it again with Armada?

Carlos Ruiz Zafón does Chipotle

Carlos Ruiz Zafón's story about death, happiness, love, and the end of the world. On a Chipotle cup!

The Romance of Rail

I was surprised by the pleasant experience of riding Amtrak from Chicago to Ann Arbor, MI.

"Go Set a Watchman" by Harper Lee

Whether published for its merit or its fame, a book like Go Set a Watchman is a rare thing.

"How Music Got Free" by Stephen Witt

A history of something I experienced firsthand: the invention of MP3s and the rise of streaming.

The ABC of Edgar Allan Poe

An awesome Poe-inspired Kickstarter project ends soon. Don't miss your chance to back it.

Eternal Sunshine of a Sentimental Mind

Remember every detail of your kids' world, if you can. You'll be glad you did.

Hello, Facebook's Updated Android Dialer

This week, Facebook updated their Hello app, and I’ve switched to it as my full-time dialer.

Memories of a Beginning

My oldest daughter begins preschool next week, and I have mixed feelings.

"The Third Reich at War" by Richard J Evans

A painful look at every detail of Hitler and the Nazis during wartime.

Quick Timelapse - Clouds

My Galaxy Note 4 proves quite adept at taking simple timelapses.

Amontillado: Designing the Book Cover

Walking through the process of creating the Amontillado book cover.

"Seveneves" by Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson's novel, Seveneves, spans thousands of years in a single volume.

At Long Last... Unfettered

Two and a half years later, a major fantasy anthology arrives on my doorstep.

"This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs The Climate" by Naomi Klein

If anything should inspire global attention and effort, is it not the land and water we need?

In Which I say Again...

I'm no critic. So I shall talk about the books I'm reading before I read them.

The End of an Office

A business is acquired and later shut down, closing an office filled with memories and people.

Amontillado Book Club Discussion Questions

Check out the Amontillado blog for a list of book club discussion questions.

Soap Opera Mysteries

How did at-home parents back in the day have time for soap operas and game shows? Or did they?

My First Week with the Moto 360

A gorgeous new Android/Wear OS smartwatch released by Motorola.

Tell Me

A snippet that inspired coffee sippers.

Pathways to Atlantis

There is a world of treasure and lore in the waters beneath you.

To Consume or Create

Are we defined by our output or our consumption?

The French Press Conundrum

I like French Press coffee, but I hate the clean up.

My Farewell to the Office

To everyone involved with making The Office, thank you. You'll be missed but never forgotten.

Amontillado: From First Draft to Last

Comparing early excerpts of chapter one to the final draft.

That Sunny Black Dress

Let me see you in that black dress, legs crossed and hair tossed, sitting under a pink umbrella.