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A Call to Words

A call to writers. In tumultuous times, our words can change the world.

The Songs We Lose

When we share a beloved song with a new partner, what happens when the relationship ends?

A Scottish Lament

A short story about love, longing, loss, and pirates.


A snippet: Life is a dance, and missteps early on can make us wallflowers the rest of our lives.

A Lonely Duel

Love, loneliness, and miscommunication.

Tell Me

A snippet that inspired coffee sippers.

Pathways to Atlantis

There is a world of treasure and lore in the waters beneath you.

Imprisoned By Angels

Imagination and longing can imprison us as effectively as any jail cell.

A Devil to our Divinity

There are fires, my dear, in dark and lonely places. We rarely give them names. Still they burn.


Always, we are, drifting towards oblivion. Always, we are, on the edge of heart break.