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When One Plus One is Way More than Two

Having two children is exponentially more difficult than having one.

Eternal Sunshine of a Sentimental Mind

Remember every detail of your kids' world, if you can. You'll be glad you did.

Memories of a Beginning

My oldest daughter begins preschool next week, and I have mixed feelings.

Soap Opera Mysteries

How did at-home parents back in the day have time for soap operas and game shows? Or did they?

The Repository of What We Miss

Contemplating all the things our children learn when we're not present.

Chasing the Moon

Explaining the mysteries of space to a curious three year old.

The Tale of a Lolly in a Potty

I watch my toddler put her pacifier in the toilet and wonder how many times she's done it before.

The Empire of Toys

Toys everywhere, in every corner of the house. The Empire expands daily, and it may destroy us all.

Plight of the Second

The second child has it rougher than the first. Let's acknowledge that for a moment.

Gone Swimmin'

At attempt to improve the day with a bout of backyard swimming doesn't go as planned.

At Day's End

Distance yourself from the hourly insanity and be thankful for every moment spent with your kids.

SmartyPants' Nightmares

A flying light bulb keeps us awake at night.

A Note to the Historian

A request to my youngest daughter to one day appreciate the torment I endured. And a wish for sleep.


Children's toys pile up. They take over your home. But they all have memories.

To Play in a Pen

My kids never liked their playpens. I'm still bitter.

The Road Taken

A favorite Robert Frost poem serves as a fitting tribute to the decision to become an at-home dad.

Little Monkey Poltergeists

The kids are on vacation, but I see and hear them everywhere I look.

Curbing Your Ambitionism

Managing your career ambitions as a stay-at-home parent can be tricky.

The Naptime Predicament

As at-home parents, with no time to rest, how do we choose what to do when our children nap?

It's okay... You can apologize

When your kids make you absolutely crazy, take a moment to call your parents and apologize.

To While Away the Hours

What exactly do stay-at-home parents do all day? I'll tell you what we don't do.

On the Origin of Species: Cat vs Kid

Which creature is smarter? A toddler or a cat? I conduct an experiment.

Dear (Stuffed) Friends Forgotten

When stuffed toys become part of the family, it can be sad when your child leaves them behind.

Exercises in Banality

Parenting can rob you of creativity, and when you've got nothing to say, you talk about diapers.

To Eat a Mushroom

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can be outmaneuvered by a toddler.

At-home Parenting: Easiest Job in the World?

My single friends think at-home parenting is the easiest job in the world. They are naive.

Snow Falling on Driveways

Remembering one of those quiet, perfect, parenting moments.