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Introducing Amulet Studios

I've founded an indie animation studio with a long time friend and fellow filmmaking enthusiast.

The Last Time I Visited Europe Before Covid. Way Back in 2019.

Visited London and Prague in November 2019. Drank beers, did touristy things, and had a great time.

Three Environmentally Friendly Companies I've Discovered During Quarantine

Modifying my consumer behaviors to align environmental efforts with equality and justice movements.

A Casual OneWheel TimeWarp

Here's a simple 360 TimeWarp of my casual afternoon OneWheel ride through suburbia.

Social Distancing with Ori and the Will of the Wisps

When isolation becomes a recommended daily activity, I dive head first into a new video game.

OneWheelin' with a GoPro Max

Took the GoPro Max out for a OneWheel ride in February. Used the GoPro app to make this nifty video.

My First Week with a OneWheel

OneWheels are a bit dangerous, a bit exciting, and a lotta fun, at least after my first week.


Windfarms are a beautiful attempt to save humankind, and to power our ambitions into the future.


Currently I'm experimenting in every aspect of life, including work, art, and diet.

Cubs Win the World Series - My 2016 Fan Journey

2016 was a great year to be a Cubs fan.

Early Impressions of No Man's Sky

Does No Man's Sky live up to my lofty expectations? Let's take a look.